Pisces New Moon - 10th March 2024

Mar 04, 2024

Sunday 10th March 2024 at 09.00 GMT  is the Pisces new moon

 My Moon Musings

The last Aquarius new moon came to help you to show up and play your part in the creation of a new world. Then, to help cleanse, purge and prepare for new beginnings was the Virgo full moon. Now to help you to connect to a higher source of wisdom, guidance, support and inspiration is the Pisces new moon.

This is the final new moon of the astrological year and as such is preparing us to look to the future and to do so with complete trust that you are always being supported and guided.

First, let’s talk about the dark moon energies and what they may bring as to be forewarned will help us to navigate any stormy emotional waters with a lot more ease (and trust, which is something you are going to hear me talk about a lot in these musings).

We have a Pisces stellium, so a lot of Pisces energy, especially with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and this moon in its ruling sign.

This much Pisces energy can bring a sense of emotional overwhelm and it all, everything, life feeling a bit too much. Things can feel confusing, uncertain, unclear and foggy.

As always this is to provide you with really important insights and so if you do experience this don’t try to run from it, hide from it or push it away – it’s usually doing these exact things that create this emotion in the first place.

What also may become apparent at this new moon is how you try to grip, control, and micromanage life. Those places in your life that you’re pushing, forcing, or resisting.

I’d also love you to pay attention to where you do get in your own way – where you tell yourself the dream is impossible or would never come true or the doubts and fears or whether deep down you don’t feel worthy or able to have what you want.

Work on healing this by deepening into more faith and more connection with the universe and the divine. Give your fears up to something greater, ask for help and let the way be shown to you (rather than you trying to micromanage and force it).

Because this Pisces moon wants you to know and trust yourself so deeply that from this place you can surrender to and go with the flow of life and trust in divine timing, believing that you are always being guided and supported and that no matter what life and the future brings you trust yourself enough to be able to handle it.

She wants you to be able to move forwards in your life and into these huge evolutionary times that we are living in from a place of full trust – even if the future, the how’s and the when’s are unknown.

Under this new moon it’s time to really establish a strong spiritual foundation from which you can step into the coming transformative energies to grow and evolve in the way that your soul wants for you.

Make soul wishes, place your cosmic orders, and then sink into deep trust and surrender knowing that you are always being supported and guided and have an entire cosmic realm on your side that wants the best for you and your souls evolution – it’s what you came here for, time to step into it.

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