Pisces Full Moon (Super Moon) - 31st August 2023

Aug 26, 2023

Thursday 31st August at 02.35 BST is the Pisces full super moon

My Moon Musings… 

I’m probably not going to need to tell you that this is a BIG full moon, you’ll likely feel it days before, especially with Uranus stationing retrograde and this full moon being the closest supermoon this year, happening in arguably the most sensitive water sign of the zodiac.

At the time of this full moon six planets will be in retrograde, which is a lot and will add to the energy of this full moon. All this retrograde energy is going to have us wanting to be left alone, retreat inwards and look back over the past.

Especially as the moon meets Saturn you may feel a lot of confusion at this full moon, uncertainty about what’s next or how you can handle it all, things may feel challenging or impossible or it all might feel like a bit too much and there can also be a real sense of loneliness and being alone.

But this takes us into one of the biggest gifts that this full moon is bringing, and the more strongly you feel all this the more you need to pay attention to this next part…

This moon in Pisces, especially meeting Saturn, especially being a blue moon is a call to connect more to and trust in your soul and your unique journey.

Saturn wants you to lay strong spiritual foundations and with the sun in Virgo to be doing practices that connect you with your soul daily. Virgo season is here to bring us back in daily ritual and routine that helps us to stay grounded, focussed, disciplined, and connected to our soul’s support, wisdom, and path.

So, where have you got off track lately? Where have you let your spiritual or self-care practices go? Where have you been living too much in ‘human you’ getting caught up in worries, fears, drama and being pulled into the outside world and all its noise too much?

This moon is a call back inwards, back to yourself, back to your intuition, your soul, your spiritual connection and to begin to live more from there, because this is when the magic happens.

The moon in Pisces always reminds us that we don’t need to do it all alone, we have a whole universe and spiritual squad just waiting to help us if we’d only remember and ask.

There is going to be a strong sense under this full moon of what it is time to let go of so that you can reach the next level and evolution of your life.

Saturn meeting the moon, Jupiter, and Uranus meeting mercury, this being the second full moon in a month and all of these planets in retrograde are helping you to see the truth about what you are still holding onto that’s holding you back.

This full moon will also illuminate your once in a blue moon dreams, the things you push down or push away as you fear they are too brave, too bold and would never come true. It will illuminate where you have more to offer but you aren’t allowing yourself to push through to get to your full potential.

Under this full moon get quiet, still, honest. Let go of what holds you back and allow the space for what’s to come. Tap into the higher wisdom and potential of your soul. Dare to dream and allow yourself to see the bigger picture of what’s possible if you just trust.


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