Aquarius New Moon - 9th February 2024

Feb 05, 2024

Friday 9th February 2024 at 22.59 GMT  

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The last Capricorn new moon came to guide us into a new year and a new beginning. Then to begin to guide us into a whole new world was the Leo full moon. Now to help you to show up and play your part in the creation of that world is the Aquarius new moon.

As you may all know we have big Aquarius energy at the moment, with Pluto having just moved into Aquarius for the first time in 226 years (apart from a brief visit in 23rd March – 11th June 2023) This shift is going to define the way of the world for generations to come.  

Now we have the first new moon in this sign, helping us to set our own intentions for how we are going to make the most of this shift in awareness and consciousness and allow ourselves to show up in the way that only we can.  

With an Aquarius stellium (Pluto, Mercury the sun and moon) we are going to feel the Aquarian energy strongly, bringing a call towards more freedom and authentic self-expression.

As always pay close attention to the dark moon, as the moon will meet each one of the personal planets and Pluto on her waning journey.

Especially as the moon meets Mars and Pluto (and Mercury meets Mars) you may feel a lot of anger, frustration, and even emotional outbursts.

These will likely be related to the areas in life that you currently feel most trapped, suffocated, or unable to be your full self and so really be with any emotions and let them show you what they need you to know.

These are the places in your life that you are being called to make changes, find more freedom and be more of yourself.

As we move into this new age of Aquarius era and begin to create a whole new world how do you want you and your world to be different?

At this new moon you are being asked to shed old beliefs, your old life, and even old versions of you and begin to emerge as a powerful new you. Set intentions at this new moon about what you truly want for you and your life in this new era. If you were free to be all of you and have all that you desire what intentions would you set?  

This new moon is a time to look at what you want to change, create, achieve, and transform in your life and who you want to become in this new era. Take a mini life review, get honest about what is not working or needs leaving behind in the old world.

Then free yourself to be all of you and go after all that your soul desires. This is how we create the new world, by following what lights us up and brings us joy, purpose, and fulfilment.

Set your intentions for the age of Aquarius, this is your part to play, in who you’re going to be and what you’re going to bring to life, and it begins with bringing all of yourself to life and knowing that you are enough, just as you are.  

Let us see you at your most untamed, wild and free.

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