Scorpio New Moon - November 2020

Nov 17, 2020

Sunday 15th November at 05.07am GMT brings us the Scorpio new moon

My Moon Musings…

 The last new moon in Libra was an inner balancing act, helping you to find a balance and harmony that came from deep within you. Then along came the Taurus full moon on Halloween to help you to trust in what you are being shown, trust in the moon, trust in life and most of all trust in you. Now here comes the Scorpio new moon to help you to reclaim your power and step forwards into a life of passion and purpose.

The run up to this moon is going to feel quite intense – exhaustion, lack of clear direction or purpose, emotions running high, mood running low – we are really being taken into the watery depths. If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s: surrender into it all. Please don’t try to fight against what you are feeling. The dark moon phase is pulling you deep down into stillness, rest, quiet and inner contemplation so that you can be ready once the new moon comes, because you need to be ready.

This powerful new moon is bringing a potent opportunity for transformation, beginning with that deep dive into the depths of yourself and your emotions, into the shadows, the hidden and the unknown. This new moon is going to bring deep raw emotions to the surface, and alongside them a huge opportunity for healing and personal transformation. This new moon is going to provide one of the most transformational turning points of 2020 and an ability to alchemise all that you have learned and been through this year into a powerful driving force to move you forwards.

Scorpio, the alchemist, magician, shaman of the zodiac is here to bring a forward surge of energy into your own power and living a life of passion and purpose

This moon asks you to now look back over this crazy period that we have all been living in and to really get to the bottom of what you have discovered about yourself, your life and your world in 2020. What challenges have you faced and overcome? What fears have you faced? And what did the Mercury and Mars retrogrades teach you about the many ways in which you have given away you power, not stood in your power or allowed fears or your shadows to hold you back? You see even though this period has been intense and challenging it has offered an insight into the fact that life really is too short to not live in your full passion, purpose, truth and alignment. Scorpio, the alchemist, magician, shaman of the zodiac is here to bring a forward surge of energy into your own power and living a life of passion and purpose – but as the sign of death and rebirth your new life may cost you your old one. Are you ready? Are you truly ready to let go of who you were to become who you are meant to be? Stepping into the new you may mean saying no more often, disturbing the status quo, leaving certain situations and maybe even people behind. It’s going to mean dropping your stories and blame and no longer being able to hide behind your doubts and fears and shadows. It’s going to mean changing your beliefs and being in your power, showing up fully and completely and authentically as you. But when you do, you will find a clear way ahead. A deep knowing of what you want and how to get there and the belief in you and your power, a belief in your own magic. Nothing will be able to stop you, except you

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