Leo Full Moon - January 2021

Jan 26, 2021

The last full moon in Cancer helped you to close off 2020 and bring you home to yourself. Then along came the Capricorn new moon to help you to begin and live this year from a place of true purpose and calling, in alignment with your heart and soul, living and contributing from your most authentic self and your highest good.  And now to bring this theme fully to life and help you to express yourself out into the world comes the Leo full moon.

This full moon is guiding the way into you owning, reclaiming, celebrating, loving and being free to be you, the wildest and most free you…

This full moon brings a lot of energy, a lot of shifts and a lot of heart. It’s going to be full on full power and may be an emotional and chaotic ride, but if you can remain in your heart, trust the bigger picture, stay in your power and hold true to yourself this moon will shine a light on a way forwards through the year ahead. But this comes with a caveat, this is a journey for the brave of heart, the courageous and those willing to follow the true call of your heart. Are you ready?

The ruler of Leo, the sun is currently sitting in Aquarius beaming his full power, full light and Aquarian energies onto the moon lighting her up in the skies in her fullest power and glory. This is a moon that wants to be seen, acknowledged and most of all fully accepted in her truest authenticity – and she’s asking you to demand the same. Never is there a moon that wants you to shine all of yourself more brightly and boldly out into the world than a Leo moon.

In order to access your higher heart wisdom, your deepest truth, your soul’s guidance, that deep inner knowing which can guide your life if you choose to follow its whispers you need to heal all that keeps your heart closed, protected and shut. In order to help you to access the full capacity of your beautiful, wise, loving heart, this moon often brings up all that remains raw and unresolved, so that you can become aware of it to heal it. The deeper you go, the more you feel, the more you heal and the more you feel. Beneath all the layers you’ll begin to feel into the real call of your heart, the truth of who you are and what you are here for. This Leo full moon will help show you what your hearts vision and purpose is and help you to claim it fully and completely. So under this moon celebrate you, celebrate everything about you. If you can use this Leo full moon to heal and open your heart, to know who you are, what you need and what is true for you, this year will unfold for you in magical unimaginable ways. This full moon is guiding the way into you owning, reclaiming, celebrating, loving and being free to be you, the wildest and most free you… Are you ready to follow the true call of your heart?

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