Leo Full Moon - 5th February 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Sunday 5th February at 18.29 GMT is the Leo full moon 

My Moon Musings… 

The last Cancer full moon came to bring you home to yourself and determine the direction for your year ahead. Then came the Aquarius new moon to help you to begin this year free to be you and follow where you’re being called to go. Now to help you to shine your light into the world is the Leo Full Moon.

This full moon is going to shine a huge, big, bright light; on you, your life; your journey, your purpose, your heart and your soul.

The Aquarius new moon started the journey of freeing you to be your most true, authentic soul self and now comes the Leo full moon to help you to shine your soul light out into the world.

This full moon is going to bring a huge surge of energy to push you forwards. It’s likely that big life decisions and changes will be made at this full moon. 

It’s going to be a full moon of purpose, heart and soul and you finally trusting and believing in more of who you are and what you have to offer and allowing your light to shine, especially as this full moon is working with Uranus, the lunar nodes and the last and next eclipses. 

One thing I will say straight away about this full moon is that she is not going to mess about and there will be a huge reality check, big realisations and possibly a lot of emotion and frustration/anger about what prevents you from shining and leading your own life.

This full moon is going to show you more of what you’re ready for, more of what you’re capable of, more of what you have to offer – it’s going to be a moon of more as she pushes you out of your comfort zone and whispers ‘more’ in your ear.

This moon wants more you, more belief, more shining, and more asking for what you want.

Venus, who has just moved into Pisces is going to help you to recognise, heal and forgive all that keeps your heart closed and shut off from what you truly want. To take care of yourself, love yourself and know how worthy and deserving you are of all that you desire. And to romance life and vision a life you love.

This is about letting yourself come back to life, back to light, back to full power and letting all of you begin to shine.

Under this full moon it’s time to let your soul shine through.

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