Leo Full Moon - 25th January 2024

Jan 21, 2024

Love note - Leo Full Moon

Thursday 25th January at 17.54 GMT is the Leo full moon 

My Moon Musings… 

The last Cancer full moon came to help us to close out one traditional year and move into another. Then to guide us into a new year and a new beginning was the Capricorn new moon. Now to begin to guide us into a whole new world is the Leo full moon.

This full moon is going to be powerful, purposeful, and part of your pathway forwards. 

This full moon lands between three big astrological transits – the Pluto cazimi and Pluto moving into Aquarius and Uranus stationing direct - and is working with all these energies to illuminate the way forwards into this new era.

It is going to help you to begin to know and own parts of yourself and to show up and shine your individual, unique soul’s light, which the world truly does need.

This full moon is going to illuminate how you and your soul have come to contribute at this time. As the ruler of this moon, the sun, sits in Aquarius after having just met Pluto and moving into Aquarius together it is this light that is illuminating this moon – shining a light deep into your heart and soul to help you to see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear and know what you need to know.

This moon will ask you to begin to become the leader of your own life and to take back the power and responsibility to create and live the life that you want.

Look at where you allow others to lead your life, outsourcing your worth, approval, permission, and validation. Or where you have given your power away or looked to anything or anyone outside you for security. Or where you just wait for life to happen to you or why it’s always someone or something else’s fault that you can’t have what you want or believe in yourself or be happy.

That is the way of the old world. In the new world we know ourselves to be powerful co-creators and take responsibility for becoming the leaders of our own lives and following where our heart and souls are calling us to go.

I urge you at this moon to begin to know yourself as the beautiful, powerful, magical, magnetic, perfectly imperfect you that you are. You have something to offer, you have something to give, you have something to share, you have something to say, and we all need it.

This is not a time to shrink, dim or play small and this full moon is going to bring the confidence, courage, and self-belief that you need to begin to know and love yourself and let yourself shine. The world needs your unique, individual soul light. 

It's time now my loves to reclaim your magic and share yourself and your gifts with the world. It’s time to shine your soul’s light.

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