Gemini Full Moon - November 2020

Jan 26, 2021

Monday 30th November at 09.30am (GMT) brings us the Gemini full moon lunar eclipse. The last full moon in Taurus on Halloween came to help you to trust in what you are being shown, trust in the moon, trust in life and, most of all, trust in you.

Then came the Scorpio new moon to help you to reclaim your power and step forwards into a life of passion and purpose. Now here is Gemini full moon lunar eclipse to open up a powerful gateway into a new direction and clear all that stands in the way of your greatest expansion.

We first of all we need to talk about the anxiety, confusion, headaches, dizziness, lack of sleep or crazy dreams and a general feeling of not knowing whether you are coming or going, or which way is up. As is often the way with a Gemini moon it’s yes, it’s no, it’s this, it’s that, you’re staying, you’re going – you will flit from one thought and emotion to another in a matter of minutes and each one will feel so real.

As always, this all provides us with great insight and wisdom, even though it may not feel like it at the time – and everything we are feeling is being amplified by this powerful lunar eclipse. Let’s dive deep into these energies and what they are here to help us with…

Eclipses are connected to the lunar nodes, which are to do with our karma, life lessons and what feels safe to us, our comfort zones (south node) and expansion and stepping out of comfort zones to live our purpose and become who we are here to be (north node). That’s why eclipses often bring huge and sudden endings, changes, insights and revelations – they are like the universes way of trying to nudge you back along your life path and into the direction you are supposed to be going, back towards your true north.

If you haven’t already, watch my IGTV video about eclipses as it will explain all about the nodes and this eclipse season in more detail.

Lunar eclipses bring endings and release, the full moon shines a huge illuminating light onto our lives and shows us where we are gripping, clinging, holding on and staying too much in our comfort zones not allowing ourselves to grow and expand.   Gemini is an air sign and so this moon will often take us all up into our heads. It’s a fast-moving energy, which is why anxiety can often be high around a Gemini full moon. But take note of what is running through your mind and what your anxiety, stresses, fears and tears are about– as this is the full moon shining a light on the life areas that need some release and surrender over the eclipse gateway.   The things that you are worrying and stressing about and feeling the most upset and anxious and afraid about are the things in your life that keep you stuck in your comfort zone, often staying for years and perhaps even decades in situations, relationships, jobs and life circumstances that are not meant for you. The Gemini full moon will shine a light into your mind and illuminate all of the fears and doubts and lack of self-belief that keep you running back to your comfort zone time after time.   It’s time to realise that there is no growth in your comfort zone, no expansion, no learning and to be honest not very much living. Your comfort zone is more a place of existing rather than living. And if 2020 has taught us nothing else it’s that we really need to begin to live and live our lives to the full.   If you’re ready for it this lunar eclipse will help strip away all that is no longer for you, open your arms and heart and mind wide open and allow all that needs to fall away to fall away.

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