Gemini New Moon - 6th June 2024

May 30, 2024

Thursday 6th June 2024 at 13.38 BST is the Gemini full moon

My Moon Musings

The last Taurus new moon came to help us to anchor and ground in new realities. Then to help us to embody new beliefs and find joy in our journey was the Sagittarius full moon. Now to help us to begin to make choices and changes that shape our reality is the Gemini new moon. 

With 5 planets in Gemini (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) we have a lot of change maker Gemini energy to work with, especially as Jupiter has just entered Gemini taking us on a new year long cycle of growth, expansion, adventures and explorations.

Jupiter in Gemini is going to help us to expand our mind beyond limitations, to see things differently and to look for the possibilities and opportunities. It’s a ‘can do’ energy that will help us to connect the dots, make the changes and believe in all that could be possible.

Under this new moon you deepen this work by putting this into action and beginning to make different choices, change your direction and gain mastery over your mind to begin to become the creator of your own reality.

You are being asked to look at where your thoughts limit you and to realise that your greatest fears and biggest dreams are both just thoughts in your mind and your life is shaped by which one you most choose to listen to.

When you change your thoughts you change your reality, and this new moon is going to help you to realise this and put it into action. 

Gemini energy can take us all up in our heads. It can have us questioning everything, doubting everything and overthinking everything. As much as this can feel like a lot this is to help us to become aware of the background noise going on in our heads all the time and to show us our deep-down limitations and fears.

It is said that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious, which keeps us stuck in the same loops, patterns, behaviours, habits and emotions. So many of our decisions and actions are made subconsciously without us even realising it.

This moon wants you to make the subconscious conscious so that you can begin to make more conscious decisions and choices for yourself, your future and your life.

This moon is going to ask you to believe in better, believe in more, believe in the possibilities and to take a leap into what you want with full trust – remember that both faith and fear require you to believe in something you can’t see.

It’s time to choose differently. It’s time to choose in the faith it will work out over the fear that it won’t. 

Open your mind to new ways of seeing the world, learn new things at this moon, explore new experiences, connections and opportunities, look for those better feeling thoughts and allow your mind to open wide to all that could be.

This moon will help you to grow, expand, explore and change your reality one thought at a time.

I’ll say it one final time – when you change your thoughts you change your reality – and this new moon is offering the opportunity to timeline shift into a world where anything becomes possible, and you make conscious choices, changes and decisions which shape your reality.

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