Gemini Full Moon - 27th November 2023

Nov 22, 2023

Monday 27th November at 09.16 GMT is the Gemini  full moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Taurus full moon lunar eclipse came to help you to find stable inner foundations of knowing your worth and what you were done with. Then, to begin to take what the eclipses showed you and use it to move forwards in a new way was the Scorpio new moon. Now to help you to write a new story of what’s possible for you is the Gemini full moon. 

This full moon is going to help you to gather the information, inspiration and answers you need to make the new choices in your life that the Scorpio new moon was asking of you.

At this full moon things are going to be illuminated and start to become clear, and there is going to be a pause to help you to realise, reassess and actually do things differently, rather than just thinking about it or saying you are going to.

Once more I am going to ask you to really pay attention to your emotions at this full moon. We yet again have an active Mars who may be stirring up some frustration, anger, anxiety or, as is often the case with a Gemini moon, questioning everything about your life.

Mars is a planet of action, it’s related to the root chakra and primal instincts and so very often in order to get you to see something, do something, change something Mars will activate the more intense action-oriented emotions like anger and frustration, that get us fired up enough to pay attention and want to begin to make change. 

If you’re feeling these feels sit with them and get really honest and aware of what these feelings are around, where they are stemming from and what they are asking you to do.

At this full moon you’re going to be asked to open and expand your mind, heart, and soul to all that’s possible for you and to begin to see what it is that you really want for yourself in your future.

This full moon is bringing the push that you need to get out of your comfort zone. The call of your soul is going to be strong at this full moon, and Mars is going to be at your back pushing you forwards towards making the choices and changes that you know you need to make.

It’s one thing thinking about how we’re going to change or how everything in our lives will be different when that elusive thing out there in the future changes. But this moon wants action, the action required to do things differently, think differently, believe differently and that starts within.

You’re never going to be able to truly have what you want if you don’t believe that you can and so this full moon wants you to go inwards and look at where your inner stories and beliefs aren’t supporting you and don’t fit your future possibilities.

This is a full moon of visualising what you want for your future and opening yourself up to all your possibility and potential. And then pausing, travelling inwards, and ensuring that your inner story supports your future journey.

This is a time for gathering all the wisdom, guidance, and nourishment you need to be ready for what the future holds. Open yourself to receiving insights, information and seeing things in a new way.

It’s time to tell a new story of what’s possible for you, and in doing so make new choices about your future.

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