Capricorn New Moon - 11th January 2024

Jan 07, 2024

Thursday 11th January 2024 at 11.57 GMT  is the Capricorn new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Sagittarius new moon came to help you to take your story and turn it into a vision for the future. Then, to help us to close out one traditional year and move into another was the Cancer full moon. Now to guide us into a new year and a new beginning is the Capricorn new moon.

We have a magical, powerful, beautiful new moon to guide us into this brand-new traditional year, and this new moon is a true new beginning in more ways than one.  

The amount of sheer transformative potential that this moon holds is huge and what we intend, action, and put into place at this new moon will create the structures and foundations that you will build your life upon not just for the year ahead but for decades to come.

This new moon lands on almost the exact degree point of the January 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction (22 degrees of Capricorn), which started the started the shake-up of the last few years.  

As the moon activates this degree point while conjunct Pluto, and ruled by Saturn, this year is the year that we truly begin to make the changes and rise in who we want to be and the world we want to create.

Everything that we have been through over the last few years has been preparing us for now. For this time when we will truly be called to step up and make a difference in the world.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, death and rebirth and the shift of Pluto into Aquarius is one of the biggest astrological transits of 2024 and will shift, shape, and transform the way of our world for the next few decades, until 2043.

It’s at this new moon that you now make your choices about the life you want to live over the next year (and 20 years) and set clear intentions around what you are ready to begin, change, initiate and step into in your life.

During this moon you need to listen more to the whispers from your soul and less to the doubts in your mind. Get quiet, still and go beneath the noise of your mind or the outside world. Go into the truth of what your soul came here for at this time and who you came here to be.

As Pluto works to transform you at this moon and help you to know what you’re ready to make the next 20 years of your life about this is a new moon to set intentions for the long-term from place of courage, confidence, and self-belief.

The Universe can only move to help you when it knows what you truly want and so no more shrinking, half dreams or small intentions. Commit to what you want and declare it.

Commit to yourself and know that you may not know how or even when, but you trust that you will make it happen. Put your time, energy, focus, attention, and intentions into what you want in your life and watch what happens.

Declare your intentions and what you want and who you want to be at this new moon, this is like you setting the navigation system for your journey of 2024 so that the Universe, the Goddess, and the moon can guide you.

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