Capricorn New Moon - January 2021

Jan 26, 2021

The last new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius brought a powerful point of new creation and moved you forwards into the unknown as you followed your bigger visions and dreams. Then to help us to close off 2020 came the full moon in her own sign of Cancer to help you to come home fully and completely to yourself. Now to move us forwards into a new beginning and new year comes the Capricorn new moon.

Here we are my lunar loves, at the first new moon of the year, the moon that activates the year ahead. All new moons begin and initiate a new cycle, but this moon is truly here to support a new beginning and new direction.

We all know Capricorn as having the symbol of the mountain goat and it’s almost as though you scaled a mountain alongside this goat in 2020, a mountain that kept getting steeper and harder with the top of the mountain continually being moved further away. But you made it to the top of that 2020 mountain and as you now stand at the top of the mountain and look down and back over the path you travelled, what do you see?

Let’s dream big, let’s be the change…

There is no going back now, there is no going back to who you used to be and how you used to live – you’ve changed and grown too much for that. Look back to just one year ago. How much has changed in this year? You and possibly your life have changed in previously unimaginable ways.  You are different now and there is no going back. So this Capricorn moon is here to help you to look forwards.

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