Capricorn Full Moon - 22nd June 2024

Jun 18, 2024

Saturday 22nd June at 02.08 BST

My Moon Musings… 

The last Sagittarius full moon came to help us to embody new beliefs and find joy in our journey. Then to help us to begin to make choices and changes that shape our reality was the Gemini new moon. Now to help us to lay foundations for the second half of the year is the Capricorn full moon. 

This full moon is strongly blending and working with the energies of the summer solstice as they both illuminate our pathway forwards into the second half of the traditional year.

There may be a reflective element to this moon, especially with the T-square to Neptune and the summer solstice, which brought us the midway point of the traditional year and asks us to pause and be still and check in with where we are.

As well as being the planet of dreams, Neptune can also bring confusion and disappointment and so you may find yourself looking back at the year so far and what hasn’t happened or how you’re not where you thought you’d be or how things haven’t worked out or are no different.

This is such a magical part of the medicine of this full moon as she’s going to help you to reorient, regather and refocus on what it is that you want.

First, look at what you feel you haven’t achieved and why. Did you or something else get in the way, did you not give it the required time, energy and effort, was there a part of you who believed it wasn’t possible or is it deep down not something that you actually wanted?

Especially after the hectic, intense energy of Gemini season this full moon is going to show you where you’ve been giving too much of your energy away and allowing the noise and demands of the outside world to pull and scatter you in a million different directions, perhaps depleting you and leaving you with nothing left to give back to yourself and your dreams.

You’re going to be able to see where you’ve been giving away your energy to things that don’t serve or deserve you.

And from this realisation will come a restructuring of who and what you give your precious time, energy and focus to and a recommitment to what you want to achieve, do, and create in this last half of the traditional year.   

As you use this full moon and the summer solstice to illuminate where you want to be by the end of this traditional year this full moon is going to help you to see where you need to give more of your energy to yourself and your dreams and what needs to be done now to ensure that you can be who and where you want to be in six months’ time.

Look at your future goals and what you want, get clear on them. Get honest about how that will require you to change or what you need to put your time, energy and focus into to make that happen. Take back your power to make changes in your life.

It’s not enough to just throw an intention out into the universe and think you’ve done enough and expect it to happen. This is what we mean by meeting the universe halfway; you also have to put in the required changes, effort, focus and energy and this full moon is the time for realising that and putting the plans in place for this.

This is such a powerful lunar cycle to make real, true, lasting changes in your life that will literally shape your future.

Be the architect of your own life and draw up the plans for the future that you want.

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