Cancer New Moon - 5th July 2024

Jul 01, 2024

Friday 5th July at 23.57 BST is the Cancer new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Gemini new moon came to help us to begin to make choices and changes that shape our reality. Then, to help us to lay foundations for the second half of the year was the Capricorn full moon. Now to help us to come home to ourselves and usher in the rise of the divine feminine to create a new reality is the Cancer new moon.

This moon is all about deep feminine and spiritual energies that are beyond words and cannot necessarily be explained or grasped or even understood by the logical and more masculine mind.

And in fact if you try to overly understand this moon too much with your mind you’ll lose most of her magic, and one of the main gifts that she wants to bring us – which is to help us to get out of the masculine, logical human mind that we have been taught to live in over the last few decades that has us questioning and doubting, and into the magic of feminine; the creative life force energy of the universe, bringing us back into trust and ease and flow.

The first thing that this new moon is going to do is bring you back home to yourself, and so don’t be surprised if in the days running up to and over this moon you feel a deep need for alone time and a desire to withdraw deep into yourself.

As you draw your energy inwards, back to yourself you’re going to be able to see where you have been giving too much of yourself away and depleting yourself to your detriment.  

Notice if you feel any resentment, bitterness, or anger around this moon and who and what this is aimed at, as this is usually a good sign of areas in your life that you have been ignoring your inner niggles and needs and self-abandoning or giving your power away to external sources and allowing something or someone else to decide your worth for you.

This new moon happens during the Sirius gateway and is conjunct not only the sun and Venus but also Sirius, our spiritual sun.

This is bringing us a magical, potent, powerful opportunity to connect to your soul destiny and receive insights and answers around your soul purpose at this time and the part you came here to play.

In the same way that a seed contains all that it needs to grow into all that it can become you came here containing a soul seed which contains the fullness of who you are here to grow into and what you came here to learn, experience and offer to the world in the way that only you can.

As this new moon works with Sirius your soul seed is going to begin to stir, awakening and bringing more of your soul’s light, gifts, purpose and agreements online and helping you to raise your vibration into new states of consciousness and align with more of your soul self.

You’ll be able to begin to live out your dreams, show up in the fullness of your power and authenticity and bring to the world what only you can offer and bring. There is no-one else in the world like you. No-one else that can offer what you offer or share things the way that you share them or say things the way you say them.

This is how we begin to create a new world and a new way forwards - by you believing in you and bringing all of you to the world, trusting what wants to be weaved and created and brought to life through you and only you. No one else can do it.

This new moon is a call to awaken the long-forgotten, ignored, suppressed and denied feminine powers within each one of us so that we can create a new world.

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