Cancer New Moon - 17th July 2023

Jul 12, 2023

Monday 17th July at 19.32 BST  is the Cancer new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Gemini new moon came to help you to drop out of your thinking mind into deeper levels of awareness and trust. Then, to help us to create strong spiritual foundations to build the life we want was the Capricorn full supermoon. Now to lead us forwards towards the life that we want to create is the Cancer new moon. 

The moon at home in her ruling sign of Cancer is bringing us an absolute powerhouse of a new moon.

This is not just the beginning of a new lunar cycle, but the beginning of a whole new soul cycle. The effects of this moon, and how you choose to work with her energies are going to ripple out into the future, creating it for you.

This is a new moon filled with purpose, growth, opportunities, and alignment, and the first thing this new moon is going to help you to do is align with yourself – as it’s from this place that everything else in your life aligns from.

If you are not fully at home and aligned in yourself, aligned with your own inner world, emotions, intuition, and the direction you want to go, you will always find yourself pulled off track or feeling lost or confused, directionless or purposeless.

If you’re feeling a fog, confusion or lost, uncertain or powerless over this new moon this is showing you where you may have got out of alignment with yourself and your soul journey, but this new moon is here to help you to find your way back.

This moon is bringing you back home to yourself so that you can feel and trust that knowing within you, and this is going to be so important moving forwards into this next cycle that’s opening, as it’s only from feeling, trusting, and following your feelings that you can open to more of your inner guidance and purpose.

As we learn the process of listening to and trusting our emotions and intuition it’s often initially easier to feel what you don’t want, especially as we enter the dark moon – so what don’t you want anymore? What’s no longer making you happy? Who or what in your life brings your energy and vibe down? What feels heavy or restrictive or anxiety inducing or like it just doesn’t light up your soul? 

Hold yourself and be gentle with yourself in this process, allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, and be honest with what you are feeling, as there may be some hard realisations or uncomfortable truths to face. If you listen you’ll know without doubt what you’re no longer going to allow or accept in this next phase of your life journey.

A whole new 18-month cycle opens with this new moon, and as the nodes of destiny guide us forwards along this soul journey you are being asked to set big intentions in alignment with your highest purpose and potential, and then to follow where your inner knowing guides you to go.

This new moon is one of true purpose, it’s time to step into and follow yours to where it wants to guide you next.

And it begins by coming home to you.

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