Cancer Full Moon - 6th January 2023

Jan 02, 2023

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Friday 6th January at 23.08 GMT is the Cancer full moon 

My Moon Musings… 

The last Gemini full moon came to help you to make choices that will take you towards where you’re meant to be going. Then came the Capricorn new moon to lay the foundations for all of this. Now to bring you home to yourself and determine the direction for your year ahead is the Cancer full moon.

Guiding us into the new year is the moon in her home sign of Cancer, a call home to yourself as you begin this traditional year.

As Mercury moves through its backwards dance and meets this full moon, we’re being asked to ease our way into this new year slowly, mindfully, intentionally, and purposefully.

This is your cosmic invite to start the year as you mean to go on.

No more rushing, pushing, and striving, and especially no more loosing and abandoning yourself.

One thing this full moon really wants for you is to move into and through this year differently – connected to your full inner power, presence and knowing and rooted in self-awareness, self-trust, self-belief, and self-worth.

This is a self-care and self-awareness check in as we start the year ahead, to pause, reassess, regather, and recalibrate yourself.

She’s going to ask you to make a commitment to yourself – to your own needs, your own dream, your own desires and following where you are being called this year.

This full moon is here to teach you that what you see manifest in your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world – and so taking care of yourself is vital in being able to achieve what you want in this new traditional year. 

This full moon is a call towards more of your purpose – loving yourself enough to leave behind anything that is not serving you and trusting yourself enough to move forwards into something new and different and possibly yet unknown.

But if you trust yourself, believe in yourself and follow the guidance stirring within, she will not guide you wrong.

Be intentional with what you want and who you’re going to be this year.

Then begin to step into that energy and embody it in all areas of your life.

Everything you want starts at home with you, within you, and this full moon is here to show you the way…


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