Cancer Full Moon - 27th December 2023

Dec 20, 2023

Wednesday 27th December at 00.33 GMT is the Cancer full moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Gemini full moon came to help you to write a new story of what’s possible for you. Then, to take that new story and turn it into a vision for the future was the Sagittarius new moon. Now to help us to close out one traditional year and move into another comes the Cancer full moon. 

The moon at home in her ruling sign of Cancer comes to help us to close and complete one traditional year and illuminate our way into the next.

We’ve just moved through the darkest day of the year and now the light begins to return. The winter solstice helps us to reflect on the year gone by and set the tone for how the first part of the following traditional year will be.  

And this full moon is supporting that, giving us an opportunity to release and shed what we’re ready to leave behind in 2023 so we can look to new beginnings and grown into more of who we can be in 2024.

I do just want to say, right off the bat, that this could be an emotional moon and you could be doing a lot of processing and having a lot of deep realisations around this moon. But if, as always, you can see your emotions as messengers there is so much healing that can happen at this full moon.

This moon is a beautiful opportunity to learn from, process and grieve the past and to help with that Chiron stations direct on the day of this full moon bringing such a beautiful opportunity for healing and moving on.

Under the illuminating light of the full moon, in her home sign of Cancer, it’s time to come home to yourself and remember who you are and all that you are capable of.

Visualise who you want to be at the end of 2024 – and I don’t mean just the things you want but who you want to BE. Is she courageous, fearless, fun. Does she trust herself fully and completely, live by her intuition and know what she’s worthy of. Who is she? Who are you when you are fully and completely at home in yourself? 

To be this version of you what needs to happen now to make sure that you can get there? What limiting beliefs, expectations and opinions do you need to let go of? What behaviours sabotages and people pleasing tendencies do you need to leave behind? What doubts and fears is it time to say goodbye to as we close this traditional year?

Perhaps spend some time with 2023 you and thank her for all the lessons and all that she gave to you, and then decide what, under this full moon, you are ready to leave behind to that you can meet 2024 you.

This is a beautiful moon to close out this year as she calls you home, to more of you and your purpose and soul path. The moon will illuminate the year gone by so that you can learn and grow from it, and the way forward to where you’re being called to go next.

Trust in you. Trust in the moon.

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