Aries New Moon - 8th April 2024

Apr 03, 2024

Monday 8th April 2024 at 19.21 BST is the Aries new moon total solar eclipse

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The last Pisces new moon came to help you to connect to a higher source of wisdom, guidance, support and inspiration. Then came the first of our eclipses with the Libra full moon lunar eclipse to help you to realise and release what is not in alignment with your soul’s path. Now to forge a new pathway forward in your life is the Aries new moon total solar eclipse. 

This new moon solar eclipse is going to come with a huge amount of energy and you may feel it strongly in the dark moon. It could come as a feeling of excitement that something big is about to happen but you’re not sure what, or there could be a lot of frustration, anger and big emotions and you may want to do a drastic dramatic total life overhaul.

I want to encourage you as much as you can to take time out and time alone to integrate and process what is coming through for you. I also want to urge you to try not to knee jerk react and instead act from a place of true empowerment, which sometimes comes from talking a step back and giving yourself some time to let the big emotions settle.

There may also be a lot of past pain and hurt coming to the surface, especially in those places that you feel most vulnerable and you might find yourself easily hurt and triggered (and emotionally reactive).

This is not only as this new moon solar eclipse is exact conjunct Chiron by the minute, but that we also have mercury retrograde in Aries conjunct this new moon – this is a deep, powerful healing portal.

Anywhere there are open doors, loose ends or where you’re still letting things that happened many years ago dictate your present or future will be clearly felt in your life.

Because remember – you can’t get to your future while your past is still present.

It’s time to let go of what was to welcome in what’s meant to be.

Imagine that you got to wipe the slate of your life clean and begin again right here, right now at this new moon. Your past is gone, there are no doubts or fears and nothing in your way – what would you wish for? Who would you be?

I truly mean it when I tell you that whole life could change course at this new moon, and the more you can embrace and flow with the changes that need to be made rather than trying to resist and control the more magical this process will be.

What you start and begin at this new moon is going to ripple out into your life creating your reality over the coming months.

And this is where the new beginnings begin. What first step will you take at this new moon to move more towards your destiny and what your soul wants for you?

Trust, believe, take the first step and just wait and see what happens…

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