Aries Full Moon - 29th September 2023

Sep 25, 2023

Friday 29th September at 10.57 BST is the Aries full moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Pisces full moon came to help you to tap into the higher wisdom and potential of your soul, dare to dream and allow yourself to see the bigger picture of what’s possible if you just trust. Then came the Virgo new moon to help you to put the daily practices in place to move towards those dreams. Now to help us to reflect on where our journey is taking us as we approach eclipse season is the Aries full moon.

This full moon is a moment of contemplation, completion, release and then consciously moving forwards in a new way.

Back in March/April this year we had two Aries new moons, the second of which was an eclipse, which opened a powerful new energy portal to help propel you along your soul path.

And so now, as we find ourselves in Aries lunar energies once more this full moon comes to illuminate your journey over the last six months and help you prepare you for the upcoming eclipses, which are part of this ongoing energy journey and your life story.

You may find a lot of emotion surface over this full moon, especially anger and frustration, and especially if you are still stuck in the same doubts, fears, situations, and stories as you were six months ago.

As this moon leads us into eclipse season, with the north node in Aries, there is going to be a big surge of energy now to push you out of your comfort zone and to let go of what is in the way.

This full moon is going to help you to gather your strength, find your inner warrior and begin to realise what you need to do to be able to free yourself and move forwards in life. 

Use this full moon as a true release point for anything in your way so that you can be ready for the eclipses and to stepping up and saying yes to what is calling you forward at this time.

The more that you can use these Aries energies to step into a sense of I AM and really know, claim, and show up as all of you the more you can inspire others to do the same and really begin to follow the soul mission you set for yourself this lifetime. 

Everything this moon is illuminating for you is something you need to be aware of that needs attention, resolving, choices, action, or a decision before eclipse season. If you can pay attention at this full moon the eclipses will be a much easier ride as they won’t need to course correct you quite so much and can instead just open up a new pathway forward.

Find the courage to be yourself and make choices and take actions that align with your highest self and potential. Walk your talk, activate and awaken your full power and trust in yourself and where your journey is taking you.

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