Aquarius New Moon - 21st January 2023

Jan 16, 2023

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Saturday 21st January at 20.53 GMT is the Aquarius new moon

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The last Capricorn new moon came to help us to close off this traditional year and lay the foundations for 2023. Then, to bring you home to yourself and determine the direction for your year ahead came the Cancer full moon. Now to help you to begin this year free to be you and follow where you’re being called to go is the Aquarius new moon.

Here comes the first new moon of 2023. After the moon at home in her sign of Cancer illuminated the way, this new moon comes to initiate and begin a new journey.

I want to first mention the days running up to this new moon, as the first dark moon of the year is going to be powerful, and possibly emotional.

Remember that the dark moon is the phase of the lunar cycle that helps us to end anything we don’t want to take into the next cycle with us. 

It shows us what we don’t want in order for us to know what we do want with the next cycle – and as this new moon sets the tone for the traditional year ahead this is an important dark moon.

First, this dark moon will amplify anything that was stirred up but not dealt with at the Cancer full moon. Especially as this Aquarius new moon wants to free you so that you can be all of you.

We are going through one of the most evolutionary shifts in consciousness we’ve ever been through, and you have a part to play in that. You do, or you wouldn’t be here now reading to these words.

And this new moon, meeting with Pluto, the planet who will arguably bring about most of those big shifts over the coming months and years, is going to show you your role in these times. 

There will be a clarity and understanding around what’s stopped you before and not only what you’ve been afraid of but why, and an ability to break free of these limitations and truly begin to follow your soul’s path.

You’ll feel fed up with yourself and the ways you’ve held yourself back and there will be an amplified fire within you to want to now make thigs happen and get going with your life.

This new moon is a new beginning in so many ways, a destined new beginning that you have been preparing for, possibly your whole life.

This is where it begins, with you setting intentions for new beginnings at this new moon, committing to being authentically you, and stepping into something new.

This new moon is here to liberate and free you to be you and follow where your heart and soul are calling you to go. To show you where and how you’re needed and show you what you are now ready for and who you’re ready to be.

If you can lean into trust, and just say yes, you’ll feel like you have the support of the whole universe on your side. This is where the new beginnings begin…


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