Aquarius New Moon - February 2021

Feb 12, 2021

Thursday 11th February at 19.06 GMT is the Aquarius New Moon.

The last new moon in Capricorn activated the year ahead, supporting you in a new beginning and new direction. Then along came the Leo full moon to help you to own, reclaim, celebrate and love you. Now here to continue this work and help you to take it further and out there into the world comes the Aquarius new moon.

The biggest lesson this moon is here to teach and ask of you is who you are. This moon wants you to know who you are on a deep level – a soul level. The main gift that you have to offer the world is you, it’s the reason you are here on earth, to be you. But you can’t offer yourself if you don’t know who you are. And the whole time you try and mould and change who you are to be accepted by others around you, or hide certain parts of yourself, you are denying the world the gift of you. And the world more than ever needs you right now. The world needs so many more of us in our authentic truth right now.

So under this new moon get clear on who you are. Who are you? And I don’t mean what you do for work or who your partner is or that you are a parent or where you are from. I mean who are you? Dig deeper. It’s time to really get to know and love yourself and know your value and worth in the world.

Aquarius is freedom-seeking and rebel-rousing and anything that binds or restricts you will become obvious under an Aquarius moon as your soul yearns for the freedom to be who you were born to be, and to be able to authentically show up in the world.

As Aquarius brings this bid for the freedom to be you please pay attention to what areas of your life (and even your own mind and belief system) that you are feeling most trapped and restricted by – this is showing what needs to change in your life in order for you to be able to move into this new beginning that’s waiting for you. It’s time under this new moon my love to begin to step out into the world as you, to show yourself to the world and to contribute in the way that only you can. Some of you may be clear on your offering and others not. If you don’t know, stay open in your authenticity, heart, passion, truth and who you are and allow this moon to show you the rest. Under this new moon anything is possible for the authentic, real, true version of you – it’s time to let her step up and lead you into the vision of your future…

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