Lunar Living Sisterhood Affiliate Programme - Terms & Conditions.


This page sets out the terms and conditions for the Lunar Living Sisterhood Affiliate Programme. This policy is effective from 10th May 2023. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time without prior notice.

Terms of the programme:

You will need a working PayPal account to take part in the affiliate programme. All payouts will be made to your PayPal account.

Only paying, active members of Lunar Living are eligible to take part in the affiliate programme. 

Anybody who signs up to become an affiliate who is not a Lunar Living member will be removed from the programme immediately, regardless of any commission made and this value will be forfeited.  

If you decide to leave the Lunar Living membership, you will forfeit any unpaid funds in your portal (see 'getting paid' below).

This Lunar Living Sisterhood Programme is limited to the 6-month membership programme and 3-month membership programme only. It does not include the gift subscription or our monthly membership subscription. 

We do not currently offer affiliate links for any other product sold on the website.

We are unable to validate any referrals that were made before your affiliate programme access starts. Only members who sign up using your given affiliate link will be recognised.

You can not use your affiliate link to create a membership for yourself.

Getting paid: 

Lunar Living Ltd will grant 11% of each sale of a 6-month subscription and 3-month subscription from an affiliate link to the affiliate. This payment will be made once per member. You will not receive commission on future payments of the rolling subscriptions.

To receive commission from the affiliate programme you must have an active PayPal account. We cannot pay funds directly into a bank account or via other means.

To receive funds you must be an ACTIVE MEMBER of Lunar Living at the time of payout. This does not include your notice period.

If you leave the Lunar Living membership before our payout dates, you forfeit the funds in your affiliate portal. 

Payouts will be made on each spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice (northern hemisphere dates). We cannot transfer funds in-between these four annual dates. 


The new Lunar Living member will receive an 11% discount on their first payment if they enter an  affiliate discount code. The discount is on their first payment only and will not be extended to future payments of their rolling subscription.


Any queries or technical issues regarding your affiliate scheme can be emailed to [email protected]. We will do our best to answer your request within 48 hours Monday-Friday during normal working hours.