Honour your soul and your own self-care.

Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to bring inner awareness, peace and a deeper connection to yourself.

Join over ten thousand people who have benefited from daily self-care with this crystal meditation challenge!


Connect to your inner world.

Make a commitment to yourself and your own self-care with this 4-week crystal meditation journey. I will send you a new 10-minute guided meditation each week, for four weeks, that will lead you through meditation combined with the magical power of crystals.

Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to you, taking time out to go in and connect to your inner world.

The meditations in this challenge and the healing power of crystals, will bring inner awareness, clarity, peace, love, and a deep connection to yourself. 

This is the ultimate act of self-care.


Self-care with Rose Quartz

In this first week of meditation we work with the loving energy of rose quartz to heal, soothe, open and expand your heart. During this meditation of deep self-love and care we’ll send love to yourself and out to the world.


Get Grounded with Black Tourmaline

In our second week we work with the grounding and protective energy of black tourmaline. We’ll use tourmaline to cleanse your body, mind, heart and soul and release anything you no longer want or need.


Raise your vibration with Citrine

Our third week of meditation invites in the bright, sunshine energy of citrine to raise your vibration and expand the light and energy within you. This meditation will help you to know you are powerful and capable of anything.


Receive Guidance with Clear Quartz

In our final week we meditate with clear quartz and the chakras. This meditation will open you to receiving the answers and feeling within you a clarity, a clear knowing, a connection to the part of you who knows.


Crystals can transform your meditation experience. Meditate with crystals to quieten your mind, connect with your deep inner wisdom to access your higher self, manifest or amplify your intentions or shift your energies if you are overwhelmed, stressed or feeling like you need a little more get up and go.

In this challenge, I will send you a new meditation each week for four weeks. Repeat the meditation throughout the week. This challenge is to designed to be an act of self-care, using the meditation and crystals to support you in what you need.

"THANK YOU. The crystal set alongside your guided meditation was exactly what I needed at just the right time." Rachel K

"What a truly beautiful experience. I love doing the meditations, there is no fuss with it - just very simple! Kirsty's voice is very soothing. I have recommend this to several of my fiends as I find it very beneficial" Amanda

"The meditation crystals challenge was so powerful. Ive not used crystals in that way before & was so surprised how effective each one was when placed on the correct chakra." Helen A

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Crystal meditations . They have really helped me through a challenging time and will continue listening to them as become a part of my daily ritual" Helen H

"I've been going through a difficult time and have had very little energy. But now, after the meditation I can feel some energy seeping back. You have a wonderful gift - thank you for sharing" Carol W

"I absolutely loved this four week challenge. The rose quartz one moved me to tears a couple of times. I honestly felt much calmer, centred and kind to myself than I believe I would have done." Jess R

"Thank you for making these meditations possible... I have benefitted so very much... in my heart and in my inner system. They've been wonderful." Vanessa W

"When I did your week one rose quartz, it really felt like medicine for me. I think the love and positive vibes really helped." Sarah

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