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Autumn Equinox Meditation Bundle (with Soul Guidance Workbooks)

4 guided meditations to help you welcome the autumn equinox.

Includes soul guidance workbooks.

  • Grounding with the Chakras Meditation - 19 mins
  • Deeply Releasing Meditation - 15 mins
  • Inner Knowing Meditation - 16 mins
  • Autumn Equinox Meditation - 17 mins 
  • Inner Harvest Workbook
  • Shedding & Releasing the Past Workbook
  • Autumn Intention Setting Workbook
  • Setting up a Spiritual Practice Workbook

Upon purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email CONTAINING A LINK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR MEDITATIONS AND WORKBOOKS. Please keep this email safe.

We recommend you download your meditations and save them straight away. Your meditations cannot be resent.

Thank you so much.


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