The Soul Space - Lunar Yoga & Meditation

Take action with the Aries full moon


Wednesday 27th September

7-9pm (BST) 


Big, bold, fiery and full of strength, the Aries full moon brings huge energy and, very often, heightened emotions. The first full moon following the autumn equinox, this full moon is here to propel you forward into a change of direction, of season, of life.


Under the energy of this full moon, we’ll take a yoga practice to help you to see clearly where you have allowed your needs, desires, passion and dreams to go unmet, ignoring those inner niggles and the call of your heart.


We’ll uncover the ways you have allowed yourself to be held back and your fears to be bigger than your faith and let go of everything that is in your way.


The Aries moon will allow you to remember your power and your right to the life you want and deserve. It will urge you to push through the excuses and reservations, giving you the courage to confront what hasn’t been working in your life for so long.


It will help you to challenge yourself, take risks and take action towards something that has been scaring you.


This full moon calls you into your greatness and real purpose on this earth, releasing all that limits and prevents you from shining bright and living a full life.



Live class booking closes at 6.45pm on the day of the class.

The replay option will remain open to book until midnight (UK time) on the night of the new moon - 29th September. The replay will expire at 11.59pm on 1st October. 


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  • No refunds will be made available. 

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