A soul guidance reading will help to bring clarity, direction, focus and answers.


During these readings (using only angel and wisdom cards) I work to channel the voice of your heart and soul, bringing forwards deep inner wisdom and truths.

We will get clear on what is keeping you stuck and small and holding you back. We look towards your greatest potential and purpose, and how to get there.

 This is like time with your soul, as we bring forward your own inner voice and guidance, that ‘knowing’ that comes from somewhere deep within, to bring you the answers you have been looking for, clarity and a clear way forwards.

Soul Guidance readings can be done as a one off or as part of a transformation package with Soul Alignment Coaching. We would use the reading as part of our first session to give us the direction we will go in with the coaching. The coaching will help to give you the support and guidance you need to put into place all that shows up in the reading.

If there are no slots available, please contact [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.


"At the end of 2019 I had a it I was told I'd leave London, and I'd meet someone in mid 2020 and it would 'just be easy'. 1 month later I moved from London on a whim and sure enough, in April 2020 I met this guy. The most loving, supportive, wonderful human I could ever ask for. And how I've always described our relationship... simple, just ever so easy. It's taken me 33 years to realise that love shouldn't be difficult, about playing games or chasing. It's about 2 people who love each other for who they are now, not what they hope they'd become.
I'm so ready to finally get the keys to our new house (hopefully) very soon."


"I’ve had card readings before, but NOTHING like the reading I experienced with Kirsty"


"Kirsty has this incredible intuitive ability to tune right into your energy – you feel it from the get go - and she gently, but clearly, guides you through the issues or challenges that you have inwardly declared to be the most pressing"


"[Kirsty] offers practical guidance as well as spiritual advice and honestly I was floating but feeling a renewed sense of focus and clarity after our session. I’ve booked our next one in already and cannot wait!"

"Throughout you feel totally, safe, held, heard and understood. There is no judgement only beautifully guided suggestions about the direction you need to move to feel fully aligned and at home with yourself and your hearts desires"

"Everything resonated with me so much so thank you for bringing clarity to my scattered mind at the moment. So grateful to cross paths with your beautiful soul."