I truly believe that all the answers, courage, love, empowerment and truth you need already lies within you, but sometimes we all need a little help bringing it to the surface.



As a deeply intuitive teacher and healer I am here to fully support you in bringing your greatest visions and your greatest self to life.

During your soul alignment coaching, we’ll work together, 1 on 1, to discover your deep inner callings, remove blocks and out-dated beliefs that hold you back and keep you small and stuck, hear your truth, find your self-worth and inner power and live a life of true authenticity from your heart and soul.

My coaching is a unique method blending many different techniques to bring you back into alignment with your heart, soul and intuition, help you to step into your power, purpose and alignment with who you are here to be.

 During this transformation programme I become your biggest cheerleader and offer you on-going support, personal practices, guided meditations and rituals, soul enquiries and most of all accountability for following your purpose and stepping into the greatest version of you.

"It truly has been a fantastic life changing experience for me as I have realised and understood the need I have to continue to follow these practices and what a difference they can and have had to my life"
"I realise I was holding back to much which now I can release in a safe environment with no judgment."
Disclaimer: Soul Alignment Coaching should not be used as a substitute for working with a psychologist, counsellor, other healthcare professional, financial advisor or other professional advisor. Kirsty Gallagher/Aligned does not claim to be a healthcare professional or financial professional. All information provided is a reflection of the personal opinion of Kirsty Gallagher. No specific outcomes are guaranteed in following any of the recommendations in the programme. Statements regarding potential outcomes are expressions of opinion only. By undertaking Soul Alignment Coaching, you acknowledge that youare responsible for your actions and outcomes, and that Kirsty Gallagher cannot guarantee any particular results.
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