Moon Ritual Pack (Taurus New Moon, 19.05.23)

This new moon is a powerhouse of energy, potential, magic, and manifestation, but you need to be anchored and activated in the now to be able to receive it.

This new moon is where you begin to anchor in and ground all that you want and make it a reality. And it begins with a seed, a seed of your intention.

This moon wants you to plant your seeds and then trust and open yourself to receive, knowing that everything meant for you is coming in perfect time.

Make yourself a magnet to all that you desire by slowing down, embracing the simple joys and pleasures in life, and embodying the energy of all that it is that you want.

The Lunar Living Moon Ritual Pack includes:

  • My latest in-depth moon musings (PDF) with everything you need to know about the current moon including guidance on what to work and focus on
  • A soul guidance workbook with questions and journaling prompts to get curious on specific to the current moon
  • A powerful guided meditation  created for the current moon and her specific energies

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£13.00 GBP