Autumn Equinox Ritual - 21.09.23

Ritual Recording.

Join me for a ritual to welcome the energies of autumn and to meet the Goddess Persephone, who will guide you into your inner world to meet your inner Goddess.

With her guidance we’ll gather your inner harvest and all that has grown in your life over spring and summer to sustain you over autumn and winter.

Then she will lead you inwards, into your inner world, helping you to draw your energy inwards to become quieter, still and more inwardly present where you will meet the Goddess within.

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£15.00 GBP

When joining this workshop, you can add my 'Gathering Back' Autumn Equinox Pack for a reduced price of £8.00 (normal price £12). This pack includes a Gathering Back meditation and accompanying journal prompts. 

Add Autumn Equinox Pack for £8.00