Moon Ritual Pack (Aqua New Moon, 09.02.24)

The Lunar Living Moon Ritual Pack includes:

  • My latest in-depth moon musings (PDF) with everything you need to know about the current moon including guidance on what to work and focus on
  • A soul guidance workbook with questions and journaling prompts to get curious on specific to the current moon
  • A powerful guided meditation  created for the current moon and her specific energies   

"This is not a moon for rushing into things and you may find yourself craving time alone. Allow yourself an emotional reset, to feel your way into your own sense of inner power and strength, to be open to change and a shift in ways of not only doing but also being."

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What People Are Saying:

I have just finished this pack and found it really beautiful. I especially love the musings. This is the first time I have used your material. I only found you on Instagram just yesterday. I was instantly drawn to what you had to say. Thank you for inspiring me and giving your gifts away in this format. So stunning to read your words and hear your messages and reminders.

£13.00 GBP