Awaken the Witch Within - Hecate Guided Meditation and Burning Ritual

Meet the goddess, Hecate in this his 14-minute meditation as she helps you to realise and release all that keeps you scared, small and stuck so that you can begin to reclaim and awaken the witch within. This is a powerful burning ceremony to let go of all that keeps you afraid of awakening the witch within.

For this meditation/ritual practice you will need a candle, paper and pen, lighter and a fireproof dish. Listen to the meditation first, then as guided you will write down all that you are ready to release and then burn the pieces of paper.

Visualise your candle like Hecate’s torch helping you to burn away your doubts and fears and all that you no longer need.

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This is an AWAKEN THE WITCH WITHIN MEDITATION and is included in the full Awaken the Witch Within offering by Kirsty Gallagher. If you have already purchased Awaken the Witch Within you will receive this meditation on day 1 > Learn more about the Awaken the Witch Within programme here.


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