Lunar Living Sisterhood

A monthly membership programme and community to connect with moon sisters from around the world for true transformation and moon magic.

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The Soul Space

 A powerful 2-hour live moon magic, yoga and meditation class each new and full moon - using the energies of the moon to guide us in our practise.

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Moon Phases Calendar

Find the current phase of the moon. Discover the full moon, first quarter, new moon and last quarter moon phase dates for 2021.

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My Moon Musings

Moon musings for each new and full moon. Discover what the moon has in-store for you and download my moon phases guidebook. 

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Moon Magic at Home

The ultimate toolkit for understanding the moon's cycles, the effects they have on us and how working with them can help you live more purposefully.

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Delve into the Magic

If you'd like to learn more about the ancient wisdom of the moon, you can register your interest for my workshops here. 

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