Eclipse Season Workshop

Join me as I share with you all that you need to know about the upcoming eclipse season.
Eclipse seasons come along to help us to accelerate our evolution. Eclipses are connected to the lunar nodes, which are to do with our karma, life lessons and what feels safe to us, our comfort zones (south node) and expansion and stepping out of comfort zones to live our purpose and become who we are here to be (north node) 
That’s why eclipses often bring huge and sudden endings, changes, insights and revelations – they are like the universes way of trying to nudge you back along your life path and into the direction you are supposed to be going, back towards your true north. 
This eclipse season will open up a powerful portal of transformation, opening up your path forwards.
Join me to rediscover your true north…

 A pre-recorded 1-hour virtual workshop

*Available to watch until 11.59pm on 16th May.



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