I fell in love with yoga the very first time we met…

From that moment my heart belonged to the practice, and it wasn’t long before I hung up the power suits and traded in a career in marketing for a life changing journey to India. Here I spent 8 months immersing myself in a yoga lifestyle, studying under respected teachers and completing a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training. I then taught classes and assisted on further teacher training courses in India before returning to the UK, where I have been teaching ever since. I now share the yoga love internationally teaching regular classes, workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and beyond.

I have been teaching regular classes since 2009, workshops since 2011 and since 2012 have taught over 60 yoga retreats. I have taught and presented at the British Yoga Festival, London Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, OM Yoga Show, Healing Ibiza and Wilderness festival. I am a regular contributor for Yoga Magazine and Do You Yoga and have had articles featured in Yoga Life Dubai, Spirt & Destiny and a number of online sites. My retreats have been reviewed by Yoga Magazine and Queen of Retreats. QoR is here and the Yoga Magazine one is here

My style is dynamic vinyasa flow, creating fluid, playful and flowing sequences to open the body, enliven the soul and free the mind. My classes explore postures and sequences that build strength and flexibility, encourage balance and on occasion challenge both the body and the mind! Weaving together my infectious passion for the practice, philosophy, inspiration and fun my classes take you on a journey to increase awareness, strength, courage and most of all acceptance for what IS as we flow beyond the thinking mind into a dance with the divine. I also love the stillness, bliss and peace that comes through the practice of delicious yin yoga and connecting women and the growing lives inside them to the beauty and benefits of yoga through pregnancy.

I am a barefoot dreamer, free spirit, adventure seeking traveller, pursuer of happiness and lover of life. I am passionate about yoga, women’s wellness and healthy living and believe that everyone deserves to live healthy, happy and free. I am inspired by my students, nature and the wonderful world that we live in, meditation, the magic of manifesting, the moon and life itself; but my main inspiration continues to be my practice. My time on the mat has taught me so many things about both myself and life. On the mat I have learned faith and trust and faced some of my deepest fears. I have learned to access my own strength, inner and outer. I have learned patience, that it is in the moment that you are about to give up that the biggest breakthroughs come. I have learned acceptance, that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be. I have learned how to fully live in and appreciate the now, and how to access a quiet place within that is available no matter what external chaos is going on. But most of all I am learning who I am, who I truly am, from the inside out. The journey of yoga is never ending and my learning continues every day, every time I step on my mat.

If you would like to book me for workshops or retreats please contact me on kirstygallagheryoga@gmail.com